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Taxation Against The Deficit is the Real Voodoo Economics

"Tax reform means, 'Don't tax you, don't tax me. Tax that fellow behind the tree.'"
-Russel B. Long

A new Marist poll (page 19) shows a majority support raising taxes on people making $250K and up to close the deficit. The same poll suggests we should establish an an individual mandate on MC Hammer pants because we are apparently also saying "can't touch this" to entitlements.

What the hell is wrong with you America? Have we become a nation of teenagers? Rich people aren't our parents so put your damn hands away and get a job.

Crap, I know I are hard to come by these days, because people aren't spending money on business so they can say "holy smokes people are buying too much stuff from me, help wanted!"

If the reverse were true we wouldn't need to raise taxes because a revived economy, through something akin to tax cuts, would raise tax revenue like putting ice cubes into a glass of water. Not only will it rise, but once the "ice" melts the levels will remain.

Besides, rich people don't have time to be your parents, they're too busy using their money as country's economic monkey grease (I don't see poor people putting up the capital to invent cool stuff like iPads)....and stop asking the government too.

$14 trillion dollah make you hollah?

Asking government to be your "parent" won't actually end well because it's hard to be all about liberty when it constantly reminds you that your living under its roof, and you are not going out looking like some kind of freedom floozy.

No? That's not true? When we asked Uncle Papa Sam, not the marketplace, to fix health insurance costs he came up with ObamaCare. Now, not only are costs expected to NOT go down, BUT we also have to pay a fine if we don't want even want to have insurance in the first place.

We placed the solution in government hands and now we're being "taxed" just for being alive.

Meanwhile the idiots who are "yes on taxes" want to stiff wealthy people with the bill for everything when their net worth can't even cover this year's deficit, much less taxing them at a higher rate.

Talk about voodoo economics! Hey! Is THAT why we have Obama action figures?