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"Progressive" Momma Grizzlies Protect Their Deficit

The fight over our debt and deficits leaves me bereft of words to describe my disgust of the left's contribution to "fixing" the problem. It's indisputable that something has to be done, and doofs like Senator Schumer can scream "extremism" all they want, but our fiscal armageddon wasn't on the agenda until the "extremists" were voted in.

For all their hatred of Palin, "progressives" sure do turn into momma grizzlies when Republicans attack our trillion dollar deficit.

    It's like we're rafting down an ever accelerating river with a group of friends, you see not too far up ahead that the group has a date with a steep waterfall.

    You kick in to action mode and direct everyone to start paddling the other direction in an effort to at least slow the pace so you can figure out what to do next to head in the other direction.

    "That's insanity" Says your friend who elected not to wear a life jacked, so he could show off his soaked and faded Obama '08 t-shirt.

    "Instead, why don't we vote to become further away from the edge than we are now every time we get close to it? That makes WAY more sense!"

Is it unrealistic to think the debt ceiling shouldn't be raised? Yeah probably, but the games "progressives" play trying to protect the very types of pet projects that are sending us down the road to fiscal ruin in the first place is shameful.

John Boehner got castigated by "progressives" for risking a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood.....why isn't the outrage the other way around?

How does Barack Obama risked a shutdown of the State Department, and the Military (or their pay at least), and federal law sustain a budget deficit that protects an abortion barn like Planned Parenthood sound?

That's where "progressive" prioritization of our money lies, but they don't want to talk about that. They'd rather live in the world where, if only the GOP would get out of the way, they can see if the rich would (forget could, THAT doesn't matter) pay for THEIR irresponsibility so they can go back to working their way up to nationalizing the air we breathe.

That's the only "argument" you get from them. Republicans in Congress, with their $175K salaries, are hell bent on protecting people who make $75K more and up...JUST BECAUSE.

Has anyone tried digesting the logic behind this OLD tactic? Why do we continue to give credence to a bunch of lazy, ambitionless socialists who have self-deputized themselves as officers in the Fairness Police? Do these Barney Fife wannabes think the George Soros's and Nancy Pelosi's who fund them share their goal of an egalitarian utopia?

We should preserve and nurture the conditions necessary to become financially successful, that's impossible to do if we obsess over tearing rich people down.

That's bad enough on its own, but to tie their taxation to the reckless spending of the government like they owe us is, like I said at the beginning, beyond words.

It's hard to imagine a way out of our mess when one side of our leadership is more concerned about punishing wealth creation and preserving women's health abortion over the fiscal solvency of the nation.