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John Maddening the State of the Union: My Live Comments

This is an adventure for me, I've never tried this before, lets see how it goes:


6:05 - The glad handing begins, the hand sanitizer business doesn't need a stimulus

6:10 - Is it me or is purple the color of the night? It's like they're trying to say something...hmm

6:13 - The challenges were ALWAYS bigger than party, it took the Donkeys getting their heads from being removed from themselves to figure that out.

6:14 - Trying to remember which Alinsky rule involves telling the power class what they want to hear...

6:17 - Our economy is prosperous but for your sides ideas on spreading weath, but yes, we can't "win the future" by standing still" like the government did in the gulf last summer.

6:22 - Boehner looks bored, Biden looks least he nods his head like he is...masking confusion? I don't see a dictionary, so maybe.

6:25 - It's not just needing a market for clean energy, there needs to be profitiablity. Of course we need R&D to get there, but lets not put the cart before the Prius.

6:27 - Okay, he's right on that. As someone who did academic competition in high school he's absolutely right. Let's start celebrating academic success, but not with Biden.

6:30 - Agreed again, we need to work on math, so kids can come to Congress and help them understand how a budget should work.

6:34 - Oh boy, here we go with educating illegals. They pledge allegiance to our flag. Thats not our flag I saw them march with when they demanded amnesty 3 years ago.

6:36 - Yeah, Asia has a better infrastructure, do their union workers have better contracts? Probably! :-/

6:38 - Oh yeah, no pat downs for trains. HAHAHAHAHA! Really funny huh Congress. TSA doesn't have to touch YOUR pee pees!

6:42 - Another way to simplify the tax system is to just hand everything over to the state, no loopholes needed to close there.

6:45 - China's taking notes on the bragging about regulating credit card companies

6:48 - Yes Mr. President, ObamaCare can be improved, all you have to do is READ it to find out how. He gets to paint a rosy picture, thats his right, but.....wait....OH MAN now he wants to talk about the debt?!?!?...thats how he segues from ObamaCare?!?!?

6:52 - I can't wait for Paul Ryan to set the president straight on the cost of ObamaCare like Barney Frank at a convention of men impersonating Helen Thomas

6:53 - So far, the only center I'm seeing in Obama is the attention he has.

6:55 - For a second there I thought he was going to say his favorite example of government inefficiency was the two party system...

6:58 - When did you know our standing has been restored Barack? When that pianist played anti-American propaganda for you and the Chinese president in the White House last week?

7:00 - Yes American Muslims are our countrymen, but can we agree to not think of the Tea Party when cars are rigged with bombs...Mayor Bloomturd?

7:01 - Sticks and stones....but words will never nuke me...when the worlds psycho's realize START is just a piece of paper what will we hide behind? What will the rhetoric be then....did he really just use never with these people regarding nukes?

7:07 - Sounds like its about to rap up soon...the teleprompters are still looking in good shape...that's the one thing I was worried about most

7:08 - The left wouldn't trade places with any other nation, not even Europe...they don't want to pay for the movers.

7:09 - Boehner's tears from Obama's salute to him are the only thing I can take away from the last hour that has any semblance of reality.

7:12 - Noticing how stories about America's success, especially with helping the Chilean miners, had nothing to do with government intervention.

7:13 - Thanks to the last election yes, our union is stronger, now go slap some more hands!

7:14 - Mr. President! Mr. President! Sign my program! Can you make it out to e-Bay?