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Newsweek's Idea of an Assassin

Get it?

America's assassins drape themselves in the American flag and are motivated by some misguided sense of patriotism.

Maybe that's not how they actually view it. Maybe I should read the articles...but right now I'm judging this book by its cover, and I'm not sure how else this illustration is supposed to be interpreted.

The message this cover conveys is, of course, in total contradistinction to the REAL patriots in America.

They don't wave the flag, much less wear it like a super-villian costume.

They don't want to carry the burden of arrogance to ask for God's blessing on America, much less the burden of believing in Him in the first place.

They partake in revolution, and much like it's impossible for black people to be racist, revolutionaries can't assasinate.

These REAL patriots invite the Chinese president to the White House for a state dinner his country is paying for. They include in the festivities a performance by a Chinese pianist, who plays a song that serves the function of being anti-American propaganda in China, for OUR president.

In OUR freakin' White House!

After weeks of it being made clear that this Jared Loughner guy is so completely Looney Tunes that he should be illustrated as draped in a flag donning the Warner Brothers logo and made, by him, from the fur of Bugs Bunny himself...we get this....

After it has been made crystal clear this is about mental disability and NOT poltics. We get this cover from NewsWEAK.

Before you plop down $4.95, or whatever price I would never pay for what amounts to glossy toilet paper, keep in mind that the best price they could get for the damn thing, when the powers that were over there were trying to sell it, was ONE DOLLAR.

This is just the latest example of them justifying that asking price.