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A Grand End to the Recovery Bummer

So liberals as usual had it wrong, apparently Recovery Summer was so last year...

The downturn officially ended, and the recovery officially began, in June 2009, according to an announcement Monday by the official arbiter of economic turning points. Since that point, total output — the amount of goods and services produced by the United States — has increased, as have many other measures of economic activity.

But nonfarm payrolls are still down 329,000 from their level at the recession’s official end 15 months ago, and the slow growth in recent months means that the unemployed still have a long slog ahead.

read the rest at the New York Times

Before liberals start teaching Biden how to count so he wont be so confused at the concept of "high-five" I have a question that I know will leave me mighty perplexed as we enter into the fall and beyond and we are admonished it is Obama's policies that are improving things....

If the recession officially ended 4 months into Obama's presidency there there can't be any honest rationale that can be used to say any of his initiatives worked quickly enough to end it, right? So if economic growth remains anemic despite being in what extent are Obama's policies getting in the way of such things?

Does Nancy Pelosi look forever young?

In other words...are Obama's policies actually doing ANYTHING good?!?

The recession may officially be "over," but 82% of us apparently know better. That's because the job situation has remained virtually unchanged since the year before Obama kicked off this year's Recovery Summer Bummer celebration.

How can businesses hire when they have to take money that would go for jobs, and give it to grabby Uncle Sam instead? Obama keeps saying he got us out of that freakin' ditch, and maybe that would at least feel believable if he wasn't trying to tow his proverbial car with the wet noodle of tax hikes to paper over his out-of-this-solar-system deficit spending.

But I'm just a blogger, so what do I know <------(psst).

Guess which of this is the Obama's stimulus...

I don't know, maybe I'm just being impatient, but it seems to me that there is driving, then there is driving with the parking brake on, and then there is clutching the steering wheel and screaming "VROOOOOOOOOM!" in a car with the engine missing.

I do know this, conservatives are tired of telling liberals who know absolutely nothing about economics (which is, by the way, practically scientific fact now) and get to be put in charge of money "I told you so" so much they sound like Rahm Emmanuel dropping f-bombs.