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The Biggest Strategic Political Blunder?

I’m sure you’ll also notice our new look. Some may think: it’s just a logo—it’s just a brand. Well I don’t believe the Democratic Party is a logo or a brand—we are much more than that. We are Democrats. We create change that matters. Ours is a party of ideas and ideals, of policies and people, history and purpose.

So call it what you will—this new identity for our party captures the spirit that unites us all. Democrats—all of us—are working for the change that matters.

Read the rest of DNC Chairman Tim Kaine's silly blog post here

Look at the responses to this post, they're obviously not all Dems, but more people "like" the comments that criticize than the post itself, and almost none of the comments are supportive.

This is going to go down as one of the biggest strategic blunders in American politics......ever.