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President Amateur Hour's Audacity of Dope

To quote the great Dennis Miller, "now, I don't want to get off on a rant here..." but while I may get a big kick out of calling the guy President Amateur HOur, and its one of those "haha, but not really" types of jokes, I'm starting to get worried. Obama is starting to make George W. Bush look like James Bond.

Worse yet, I'm starting to think I can be president.

Since when do leadership skills matter anyway? All you have to have is a pulse and proof of citizenship and you're all set!

There was so much frothing at the mouth over Obama it was like "Hope and Change" was the password for entry to the biggest foam party ever.

I don't blame him for treating us like we're stupid, we all saw how increasingly idiotic his supporters became as the 2008 campaign wore on. If they were dogs McCain would be president right now because they would've had to be put down for liberal rabies long before election day. I'm sure Old Yeller would've appreciated knowing that all he had to do was declare his undying love for a vapid Democrat running for president and he would have never been shot.

The audacity of dope this president continues to put on display for the world is just hard to believe. He calls job growth caused only by the hiring of temporary census workers a sign of recovery like people are too dumb to know they're going right back to unemployment.

He then criticizes BP's CEO for going yachting while the oil spill continues, and he does it from a freakin' golf course.

So why is this not hypocrisy you may ask?

Biden took it ..... we're screwed

Clear his mind? WHAT MIND? Based on the decisions he has been making since taking office I hadn't noticed he actually had one.

So what Bill Burton is trying to tell the world is that the president has to relieve himself of stress, and pissing on the constitution isn't good enough because that's technically "work," so he has to go on the golf course on Fathers Day (where's his family?) with Biden, as if he needed yet another zero added to his scorecard.

Meanwhile the CEO of BP is obligated to work himself up into a stroke, because that's what the leadership of a beleaguered corporation needs right now?

Children are running the government! These guys think they're like the popular clique in high school who say and do ANYTHING they want while criticizing "outsiders" if they do the exact same thing.

Does anyone think its an accident that General Stanley McChrystal and his people blabbed to a reporter about the morons they have to answer to? These guys plan and predict the movements of TERRORISTS! You bet your butt they knew their words were going to go from the reporters pen to Barack's ears.

The General didn't exercise "poor judgment," he knew exactly what he was doing. He was crying for help, or for a real president...or a unicorn, I don't know...he seems to have an equal chance of finding any of those things in Washington DC these days.

Good it November yet?