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Obama Escapes The Real World, Goes to California

So to recap how the week is going so far, Europe's economy is crumbling, the Korea's are about go restart their war, and oil can't stop flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and Obama woke up, quoted Joe Biden and said

Big f*@$ing deal, I'm going to California!

He went there to campaign for Barbara Boxer, looks like he made a pit stop to throw Boxer a bone and present us with the "it could be worse than me" argument.

Obama photobombs Lindsay Lohan

Black gold is OIL, liberals, NOT your president

I don't think this violates McCain-Feingold, so he's probably in the clear. I don't know why I want to come down so hard on him about the gulf oil spill, its not like he can plug it with his finger or something, so what can he do anyway, might as well soak up the sun at beaches that aren't bleeding black gold.


If want to know what photobombing is (after this crystal clear, yet fictional, example) check out the Urban Dictionary definition here.