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I Think Al Franken Thinks He's Still On Set at SNL

Senator Al Franken...boy oh boy I don't know which gets insulted more, the burden of him carrying the title of "Senator," or the institution of the United States Senate for having to accept him...I would call him a former comedian, but then I would have to acknowledge that he was a comedian in the first place, and I have a problem with that because


1. A professional entertainer who tells jokes or performs various other comic acts.
2. An actor in comedy.
3. A writer of comedy.
4. A person who amuses or tries to be amusing; a clown.

One thing is for sure, his career change has been a blessing to anything that needs "funny" to survive.

And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to Barack Obama.

I know what liberals are thinking.....He wrote and performed on Saturday Night Live for many years and won Emmy's for his work and I have the nerve to say he isn't funny?!? Of course he's funny!

Why do I pick on this clown? Recently as the Senate has been debating financial regulation deform Al Franken offered a sage-like contribution to this important discussion...

As someone who goes by the handle jhamm999 on YouTube says - "as a senator franken (sic) makes a good comedian"

I guess you had to be there huh Senator?

Now shhhhh...adults are talking.

That money well spent only costs us about $174,000 every year. Thanks Minnesota.