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Meet Obama's New Teleprompter

It looks like Obama's oratory skills need a tune up before he starts being known as President Motormouth.

aka ObamaCare

Recently at a meeting where Obama was to force-feeding prime rib to a vegan a woman known as Doris questioned the him on the wisdom of piling on to the tax burden and informed him we are taxed too much already. What ensued was a 17 minute, 2500 word response.

yes we ca-aaaaaaaa - wwwnnn zzzzzzzzzz

The conclusion of the rant prompted a rousing. Nope, didn't forget to finish that sentence with "applause"...they had to wake up first.

Perhaps he was trying to be so boring that even Jesus would forget to rise for Easter yesterday. We know how much liberals hate competition.

Baseball season has started and maybe like a starting pitcher that has had enough Obama needs to bring in a relief teleprompter with a fresh take on his speeches. So meet Obama's new teleprompter.

As you can see this idea is something of a grassroots effort. Eat your heart out Tea Party.