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Its the Repeal ObamaCare Rant

Watching the aftermath of ObamaCare's passage leaves me wondering which is worse, watching liberals take their hobbling victory lap on this issue, or having to endure the idiocy of their suggesting that conservatives stop acting like sore losers and "get back to work."

Even Obama is taunting the the repeal hungry GOP to "go for it" with the wind at their backs of the 55% of us that wanted this thing repealed before the ballpoint pen used to sign the it was even invented.

Christians are covered, but if bad presidents needed a messiah....

I wonder if he'll be so smug when similar polls show his chances of reelection as being so optimistic. Its hard to believe that a newly minted president could screw up so much, so fast, and so badly after just a year.

And when he says this is the "people's victory," I'm left wondering what he qualifies as a person? Liberals? They're really the only ones happy with this, and I thought we agreed a long time ago they don't count because they're actually from another planet.

Also, this notion that the GOP needs to "move on" is an amazing statement coming from the party that is still counting chads in Florida 10 years later.

I think it rhymes with "legalizing booze"

What if the anti-prohibition movement "moved on" after alcohol became illegal under the U.S. Constitution in the 1920's? I don't know answer, but I'm pretty sure we know what Ted Kennedy's life's work would've ended up being about.

There is no doubt beating ObamaCare back is going to be nearly impossible. Like Nancy Pelosi in a bubbling botox-filled jacuzzi tub, entitlements are impossible to get rid of once they are allowed to enter the scene.

Look at countries like Greece, their debt is actually larger than their GDP, but like Pavlov's dogs the bell of socialism has been rung so many times they actually have the nerve to demand that not only do they not have face cutbacks in funding for those programs from their government, but that OTHER COUNTRIES like Germany need to start footing their bill so they can continue showing our Democratic party how the pros get it done.

This is the same exact road America is going down, our debt is expected to be 90% of our GDP by 2020...but unlike its New Deal and Great Society ancestors I truly believe this time could be different.

Last August I wrote a post pointing out that while Obama has been the most tech-savvy president yet, the rhetoric of the left continues to party like its 1989 saying whatever they want and not realizing that it can and will be held against them. (you can read it here).

That technology will be the key to keeping the anger burning, the hope alive, getting the DC Straight Jacket Gang tossed on their asses, and the bill repealed.

Before these avenues for national conservative town halls existed liberals knew they could just jam their socialism down the country's throat because conservatives back then were made to feel more marginalized than Rosie O'Donnell standing in a police line up with a bunch of women.

It would've been faster to call her Speaker Pelosi

Liberals keep hitting a snag now in that they haven't received the memo about how technology has flattened the world and conservatives have figured out that aren't so crazy after all. Through these media we can complain, commiserate, vent, come together, organize, and vaporize the liberal agenda like a bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West.

The Democrats KNEW that passing this bill was political suicide. However, they calculated that it was less suicidal to defy the will of the people rather than look incompetent and ineffective. What they didn't realize was that ObamaCare passing was less like V-Day and more like Pearl Harbor for them.

As I said before, I'm under no illusions whatsoever that this is an epic uphill battle, and it will take years to finish the job. Yet we have to do as much as we can to dismantle this thing, because if the Democrats truly get away with this sort of defiance of the will of the electorate then they will know there will be absolutely no barrier left to dictatorship in America.