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Meet 'Lil TeaBagger

I was thinking, if the left wants to call the Tea Party activists "teabaggers" then maybe they deserve a mascot. So I made up a character called 'lil TeaBagger and created a Facebook fan page for him.

The idea was to come up with something funny and lighthearted and turn the vile name on its head. Reaction to this page has been really interesting. Some people think its hilarious and others seem to be offended, which makes me wonder if they get its a joke...oh stays!

Click here to become a fan of 'lil TeaBagger on Facebook. Below are some shots of the little guy in action (more will come in the future).

***UPDATE*** You can follow this little guy on Twitter by clicking here.

Obama gets hit by lil TeaBagger

Obama gets hit by lil TeaBagger

This one is my favorite so far

Obama gets hit by lil TeaBagger