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Why Weinergate Matters

Rush Limbaugh spoke this morning of how he'd rather beat liberals on their ideas over opportunistic scandal. He's both right and wrong about this. Through all the jokes that are being cracked there is, in fact, an idea that should be battled over in this scandal. In politics it's actually the most important idea of them all.

The world is going to hell, and so the attention we have been giving Weinergate, I know, seems disproportionate. The left grasps at straws in their defense of him, and the right wants him to stop acting so damn guilty and just admit it already. Seriously, at this point I was less sure about OJ's guilt.

Meanwhile, blogs like The Moderate Voice think the only apology Weiner owes for this mess is to his wife alone.

Too many of us still don't get that CHARACTER MATTERS! It matters that Anthony Weiner took a roll of dimes, stuffed it in his boxer briefs, and tweeeted it to a college girl, he has supposedly never met, clear across the country....why does this matter?


(From The Moderate Voice) Weiner's credibility hangs in that balance, as does his reputation, but neither means he can't do his job...


Republican DB Christopher Lee resigned for taking us to his own private gun show. No conservative had that guy's back, because CHARACTER MATTERS. Yeah, we can see his face, and the only thing higher than the certainty it's him is the tax rate liberals wish they could impose. So there is no way his career could avoid being KIA.

Twelve years after Newt Gingrich committed marital strike two, liberals and conservatives alike say that alone disqualifies him from ever receiving their vote for president.

This is why conservatives almost never defend each other when they step into their own personal Weinergate. CHARACTER MATTERS.

What we're getting from Weiner and his liberal namesakes in the media is oh so much worse. While he's playing word games, or neither confirming nor denying that picture is him, or being unsure it's not him (HE DOESN'T FREAKING KNOW?!?), the liberal blogosphere is feverishly trying to exonerate a man who himself, at the time of this writing, refuses to unequivocally proclaim his innocence.

Anthony showed us the beef....but where is the left's CHARACTER?!? Mr. Magoo would have an easier time finding Waldo buried under a pile of American flags....

Being an elected official is a privilege. Ostensibly, it is bestowed upon people who have earned, and deserve to be trusted with, the power to handle some of the most challenging problems that face the country/state/municipality they have been charged to uphold and defend. Their existing on a higher moral plane isn't something that sounds like a nice idea, it is expected. In reality, it should be demanded regardless of whether you've even proven your worth. Period.

A minimum standard of measurement for character should be the person's family. If Anthony Weiner can't be trustworthy to his own wife, why the hell should anyone trust him with their taxes? Or national security? Or not inducing vomit all over my smart phone?

How can anyone act with unimpeachable character in the interests of the public when they can't even do the same for the people they say they love?