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Obama Is Not A Real President, He Just Plays One In Real Life

It's probably a bad sign when you're starting to be called "President Present" and it doesn't mean that your being president is a present to the country...

Obama advisers are spinning their excuses for the president's absence (he needs to stay above the fray, he believes in international agreement). Conservatives, for their part, are beginning to argue the "incompetence" line. A combination of all is probably at work, along with an even greater impulse: political safety. Mr. Obama got a taste of falling approval ratings last year. The White House has worked hard to get those numbers back up and wants to keep them there until Mr. Obama has a GOP opponent and can go into campaign mode—where he's at his best.

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Why does this guy even want to be president?

Other than a record of indecision what can he possibly run on? ObamaCare? The "stimulus?" The only concrete decisions he has made to date came when he had congressional majorities that were lost because of those decisions.

How about that for change?

So now the strategy is to do NOTHING until it's campaign time? Why? So he can tell voters to vote for him over the other guy if they want more of:

  1. Nothing decisive
  2. Stuff that the majority doesn't want
  3. Parties during crises
  4. Vacations for his wife
  5. Shortage of golf balls
  6. Rights for teleprompters regarless of faith or sexual orientation
  7. VP Biden...lets face it who else wants to answer to the only person people can now confuse with Jimmy Carter in a trivia game?
Eating potato chips doesn't give you diarrhea that I've listed it out, you really do get a lot more than it seems. At first I thought Obama was like a bag of potato chips, with more air than chips. Now I see that he's more like a Taco Bell burrito, it doesn't look like you're getting much until they wrap it up and you bite in to it and get a surprise overloaded mouthful of bottom-scraped refried beans.

That's the Obama Administration in a tortilla shell...

I hope his campaign staff has a dictionary on hand when his GOP opponent mentions words like deficit, and terrorism, and leadership.

That's REALLY important, because when the campaigns sit down to hammer out the terms of the debates I really don't think the theme of any of them will involve NCAA brackets.