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Rand Paul Rejects Constructive Filibuster Criticism From Obama?

Rand Paul is bringing it over the Brennan/CIA nomination, it's bad enough Obama got Hagel for Defense, lets hope this works.

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What's A Good Nickname For Obama Potato-Head?

Capitalist Preservation has a good one...

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The First Movie Poster For The Hugo Chavez Biopic

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All Of The Time Obama Spent Shooting At Camp David Has Led Up To This...

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Is A Movie About Hugo Chavez's Death Already In The Works?

Doing this piece gave me pause. I don't KNOW where Chavez went after his death, and I'm not interested in decisively casting judgement on the matter.

That said, he was a BAD guy, he abused the power bestowed upon him, and his life was not a force for good in the world.

That has to count for something...

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It Looks Like Obama Fatigue Set In Really Early

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A Theory On What Fun NYC Mayor Bloomberg Will Ban Next...

If you don't know what it is you can learn here.

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The Dumbest AND Most Frightening Bumper Sticker You'll Ever See...



Somebody actually put this on their car and may have officially invented vision pollution in the process.

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The Ways In Which Democrats And Republicans Really Are Like Cats And Dogs...

About a year ago some liberal "humorist" made a comparison of Republicans to dogs. I put humorist in quotes because I thought he tried way too hard, and his examples were too contrived (read for yourself here).

A very clever commenter over at iOwnTheWorld turned it on it's head, and I made it into a graphic.

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