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Michelle Obama Won An Award Made Just For Her At This Year's Oscars

True story, I made it...just for her!

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Obama's Parting Gift To Veterans He Deems Too "Incompetent" To Handle A Gun

Red Flag News has the story on what this is all about. While I'm trying to make fun of it, it frankly is quite frightening what DHS is doing to our vets (and all of us by extension).

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Any Time A Democrat Complains Obama Is Being Disrespected Rub Their Nose In This...

The only way this could get more real is if they were dogs and you were rubbing their face in the spot on the carpet they just went number 2 on...

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First, Democrats Came For The Guns, But They're Also Coming For This...

I actually did this one months ago, but I didn't post it because I wasn't sure it was worth posting, but on a whim I posted on Facebook and it got tremendous here ya go...

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Democrats Wont Get This Joke About The Economy

Either because they're not working for a living, or they were educated by liberal education unionistas and the math portion will elude them...

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When Looking At Liberal Vs. Conservative Anti-Rape Tips It's Weird How Conservatives Are Considered Out Of Touch

This is is a really great powerful image from Implied Inference. I actually modified it a little bit because I was uncomfortable  posting the original as is (note, I am NOT offended, just uncomfortable). You can see it here.

In case you missed it, check out my post on a similar note, Ten Democrat Tips For Avoiding Rape Without Needing A Gun.

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