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In the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial how low will liberals and race-baiters go? This low...


Here's an image being tossed around the social networks that should make your stomach churn...

I don't watch the show, but I recognized that this guy is Dexter, the cop who is also a serial killer who targets bad guys. You know the Hollywood liberals who likely run this show wanted the premise to be about a serial killer....

And that's it!

We should expect nothing less from the same types of people who glee-fully shout "hail Satan" at pro-life activists singing "Amazing Grace." Their moral compass is broken, so of course this would be sheer brilliance to such lost people.

If that's not disgusting enough, get a load of this one...

Only a complete a-hole who only know's Dr. Martin Luther King because they get a day off from school would make such a sick and twisted comparison. It's a mystery how the black community can continue to venerate this man while dragging down his memory and legacy by mixing it up with people like Trayvon, whose actions would dictate that he would've had no place in Dr. King's movement.

Dr. King must be spinning in his grave so fast that if you dug up his casket you'd probably find it became a gyroscope.

h/t  iOwnTheWorld for the second image.

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Obama only picks losers...


This whole tragedy could have been avoided, but more than that Barack Obama shouldn't have put the prestige of the office of the President out on Trayvon Martin's limb. Which, to me, is the purpose of this graphic. (I know Morsi is there too, but the Martin side is more relevant at this point)

Obama executes on his Alinskyite tactics with pretty good precision, but that's only because the media covers up the dishonesty and never calls him out. The truth has always been the man is a complete fool. Narcissistic, charismatic, and just not that smart. Moments of truth like the Zimmerman verdict really bring this fact to light (particularly because he took "ownership" of Trayvon paternally).

That said, this will probably tick off some people, but I actually have a relatively even mind about the whole George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin ordeal. It's easy for people to pick one side over the other given the way the media and politicians all the way up to the president used this as an opportunity to polarize people on this and make it about racism.

People on Travon's side saw what they've been seeing happen to black people for a long time in America, that Trayvon wasn't actually all the much of a saint was irrelevant to the arguable injustice they saw.

People on Zimmerman's side see a case of "there you go again" with the liberal media and politicians erroneously painting this well-meaning guy as the next Grand Wizard of the KKK, and I think for a lot of people in the Zimmerman camp it became about giving those demagogues a well-deserved smack down.

The truth very likely lies somewhere in the middle. Trayvon wasn't a very good kid (especially the way the media painted him), but he didn't deserve to be killed. Zimmerman didn't deserve a guilty verdict for murder, but one can argue (playing Devil's advocate...assuming he truly didn't know what he was doing) he should probably be more adept at defending himself if he's going to patrol his neighborhood with a gun.

Whether Zimmerman's guilt is real or not it now rests between him and God, and unlike a jury in this life nothing gets by him. Hopefully people unhappy with the outcome can find solace in that. Unfortunately, I'm not terribly optimistic on that front.

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Putting truth to the Democrat lie that Texas is "extreme" to ban abortions at 20 weeks


Big h/t to iOwnTheWorld for the information that inspired this graphic.

We live in bizarro world. Abortion is a barbaric act, but liberals call it "progressive" policy, and any attempts to reign it in is "barbaric."


Also, liberals always want to look to Europe to show how "backward" we are. Well let's see how they handle abortion...

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The first verdict of the George Zimmerman trial was rendered a long time ago...


Naturally, liberal politics runs a very very close second to this...

On a totally separate note, I admittedly haven't followed this case too much. I don't follow "celebrity" trials because I fear that granting them legitimacy will dilute what real celebrity is.

For instance, if guys like George Zimmerman have their 15 minutes of fame patronized what will eventually happen to the Kardashians?

Eventually Kim will get desperate and commit another crime (against nature) by having another child (not with Kanye West, I'm pretty sure that's against one of the only rules Hollywood a-holes live by) just so we'll give her the kind of attention a "white" trial defendant gets.

Think that's an improbable slippery slope? Ask yourself this, would anyone in that family be upset if the public ever broke out in a riot for them?

So how jealous are they right now?

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Why July 11th could possibly be like a second birthday for Joe Biden...


Remember when Biden said this?

I wonder if he gets really giddy on this day and tries to come up with other joking-not-joking jokes.

I'll bet the people who work at 7-11 say they can't serve the guy unless they have a "slight idiot accent."

Biden has a brain only the brainless could love.

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What could happen to the world if George Zimmerman is acquitted = Conservative Image of the Day: July 11, 2013


Fresh from the Image Gallery.

I was thinking about a piece I could do that would parody World War Z, iOwnTheWorld's piece here is brilliant.

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Five amazing transformations with Hollywood movie makeup...


Here's a little break from politics...

h/t Izismile for the idea.

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Answering (easily) the dishonest and evil rhetoric of pro-abortion protesters


I'm glad the pro-life fight in Texas has given me an opportunity to work on some more pro-life graphics. I constantly feel like I don't devote enough time to cultural issues, which are more important than politics because culture drives politics.

Full disclosure: I don't have a vagina, and I know that disqualifies me in the eyes of liberals from being pro-life...but I am a former fetus...that's probably more relevant.

As silly as that, it actually is a prime example of the ugly underbelly of pro-abortion rhetoric. The one greatest revelation of all the pro-abortion protesting is how ignorant and unintelligent the arguments FOR abortion are.

When you peel back the "keep your laws off my body" and "war on women" bumper stickers you'll find the real lack of moral clarity and logic behind their arguments. It's why they start to demonstrate what being infected with rabies is like when you present any pro-life argument before them.

It's almost as if the pro-abortion movement can be boiled down to one simple statement, "we don't wanna think critically about the creation of life we just wanna f*** and chuck."

Sometimes the best response you can give to evil politics is a simple, unequivocal, unassailable response. Hence the pieces below, as well as here and here....

I hope to do more of them going forward. A culture that demands life be protected is the greatest and only defense from the forces depicted above.


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