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A Good Prison Name For Conservatives Living Under A Liberal Warden

Random thought of the day...or maybe not given all the fiscal cliff nonsense.

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What If People Behaved The Way Government Does?

Truer words have never been spoken. From Image Blitz.

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The Instrument Of Murder That Claims 35% More Victims Than The Rifle...

The numbers, brought to you by Breitbart, are real and from the FBI. I want to say I'm surprised, but I'm not...

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Obama Is The Type Of Chef That's Good At Cooking Only One Thing...

Found this at a good friend of this blog on Facebook, Occupy This.

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A Red Flag That Liberals Just Aren't In To Freedom

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Boehner's F-bomb At Harry Reid Was Probably Launched By Accident...

So it looks like during the fiscal cliff talks Speaker Boehner had some fun F-bombs to share with Harry Reid.

While it was a sentiment most normal Americans share with the Speaker, given Reid and Obama ultimately got their way I have to wonder how it really went down.

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You Know Liberals Have A Losing Argument When Stick Figures Can Beat It

I've seen a lot of great graphics that not only destroy liberal logic on gun control, but I never thought stick figures would also make it seem so awesomely infantile.

Leave a comment if you know who made this.

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The Democratic Party's Crusade Against American Success Can Be Summed Up In Three Words...

This was inspired when I happened to have Rush on this morning and the guest host, Doug Urbanski, was going on about how he heard Juan Williams complain that he doesn't like New Years Eve because there's always someone out there having more fun than he is.

Doug went on to say that encapsulates liberalism perfectly...given there are studies that prove this, it's hard to disagree with that assessment.

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"Oopsie" Could Be A Better Dedication For The Communist Manifesto Than This...

Then again, maybe not. This dedication is brilliant in it's simplicity from The People's Cube...which is helpful to the Democratic Party's new base of support that comes from America's dumbasses low-information voters.

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