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Proving Liberals Are The Real Zombies

Did you hear about the new video game Tea Party Zombies Must Die

It's a simple premise, kill zombies that look like Palin, Bachmann, Glenn Beck and others.

I'm sure the liberals over at StarvingEyes Advergaming think they are being soooooo clever. It's not even an original thought, Bob Hope said the same about them decades ago!

I know, I know, liberals are the thoughtful, intellectual side of the argument, they're not zombies!!!


Other than removing the mic from Obama's mouth literally did nothing to their heads other than cut, paste and blend the neckline....

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Newt Gingrich's Celebrity Twin?

I couldn't resist. My apologies to all the "Newt Gingrich for President" supporters out there...aka the Gingrich family.


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Life Before Google

It's true, and still we elect Democrats...

From Shoebox Blog"

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The ABC's of Liberalism

Last week Obama showed us "A" is for "arrogance."

Then on Labor Day Biden showed us "B" is for "Republican BARBARIANS."

Then we have...

The cringe factor for this is not lost on me, but the level they stoop to, and the brazen hypocrisy of their calls for civility in public discourse must be confronted in even its most vulgar form.

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Biden's Pep Talk To Obama On Jobs

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Michelle Helps Her Man Cram For His Big Jobs Speech

From AfterMath

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Obama Channels His Inner Looney Tune

Or is it his outer one?

h/t Patrick Richardson from PJ Tatler giving me the idea for this.

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Fun School Song For Kids of Liberals

From LMAObama...

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An Educational Chart Identifying Our Presidents

This will be especially useful to future the image for a larger version

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Obama Meets Clive Barker

From iOwnTheWorld

I would have never guessed that anyone could make Pinhead be any scarier thanks iOTW...


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