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No Peace Through Strength With Obama

Repurposed a recent post (here) to contribute to #barackbottom on Twitter

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Biden Solves The War On Poverty

Biden came a little unglued this week at the notion that Democrats engage in class envy (sorry Joe, but they do). It reminded me of the piece below, which I've re-posted before, but it's one of my all-time favorites, and now seems like a good time to post again.

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Teach A Man To Fish, And The State Will Find A Way To Pervert It

Found on Facebook. There's a signature there, but I can't make out who created this, leave a comment if you know who and I'll link to them.

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Obama photobombs other Presidents throughout history

Note: Originally posted during the 2012 presidential campaign and is STILL relevant today...

It was recently discovered that at Obama found a way to insert his name into the presidential bios of every president from Coolidge to now, the only exception being Gerald Ford.

I so I thought I'd do a series of what it would look like if Obama injected himself into the photos of some of his predecessors...

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Obama Woke More Than A Sleeping Giant...

Found on Facebook

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Obama's World Famous Kenyan Spaghetti Maker

Boy oh boy does Barack have some explaining to do after Breitbart exposed his literary agent listed in his bio until 2007 that he was born in Kenya.

This reminded me of a piece I did last year when the "birther" issue reached a fever pitch...I called it "making Kenyan spaghetti" (Click the images to see the detail on the certificate at full size...see the original post here)

I also made this ad for it way back then, but I decided not to post it...until now.

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Obama Has Cancerous Mole Removed

From iOwnTheWorld.

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The Right Prescription For America?

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Rejected Draft Of Newsweek "First Gay President" Cover Discovered

This picture was originally created last year when Obama vacationed in Brazil, see the original post here.

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