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Barack Bundy, Clinging Bitterly To "Glory"

After posting this image on Twitter over the weekend a liberal replied with the now trite logic that Obama has a strong "gutsy" foreign policy because he killed Osama bin Laden (he waffled before it was "gutsy," and he didn't personally execute the raid)

The argument that ensued (and ended, as they usually do, with the liberal blocking me) inspired this piece.

For the uninitiated on Married With Children get the scoop on its meaning here.

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This One Word About Paul Ryan Is True In More Ways Than One

A solution to our debt crisis...

Entitlement reform...

Enthusiasm for Romney...

From iOwnTheWorld.

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This Is It, The Team Is Set, All That Is Left Is To Pray And Fight

And pray some more...

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Why The VP Debate Will Be The Most Fun Ever

I might find myself investing in popcorn companies beforehand...

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The Romney-Ryan Ticket Yields The Best Campaign Catchphrase Ever...

I wish I could say I came up with the line, but it's actually from a tweet (here) from Resist Tyranny.

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Obamaloney Has A First Name...

Still on vacation (told you this would be hard for me), just wanted to share one of the top tweets from the #Obamaloney hashtag game on Twitter (53 retweets! That's a lot for me and my 3600 followers).

This piece is from 2011...


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On Vacation, Posts Resume August 13

As much as my first link on Memeorandum (screenshot!) is putting a spring in my step to keep on truckin''s actually vacation time for me. The past couple of trips were only a couple of days, and I was able to front load content before leaving so I could travel and let everything auto post.

It's too difficult to have the time and energy to do that this time around, so I'm going to take a much needed break, which means no posts this week :-(

The sad face is for me, I'm not sure if I'll last. If something big happens and I have Photoshop handy I may have to make an exception...

In any case, posting resumes August 13, see ya there!

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Romney Hood? How About The Socialist Adventures of Robbin' Hood

I'm still on vacation, but Obama's latest campaign gimmick, "Romney Hood" can't go reminded me of a post from 2010 that makes the perfect response.

Somewhere the descendants of Errol Flynn hate me...dearly...

I struggled a bit to come up with the right leading lady, there was the obvious choice...

Socialist Adventures of Robbin Hood with Michelle

Then theres the less obvious choice...

Socialist Adventures of Robbin Hood with Nancy

I would be a little worried that Nancy would be uncomfortable running around with her head all covered up...

Nancy with head cover


Anyway, then we have the "oh yeah" choice

Socialist Adventures of Robbin Hood with Barney

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Liberal Supervillains


A while back I posted some match-ups for conservative women and superheroines with the promise to follow up with liberal super villains. The premise is simple (and in this case, easy to make), match up a liberal to a villain in pop culture. With the previous post it was limited to comics/sci-fi, I loosened up a bit for this one.

In some ways this was a little more difficult, some of the villians have very little source material to work with. However, I do have more matches than I did with the ladies.

Also check out Conservative Superheroines and Conservative Superheroes.


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Obama's Last Birthday As President?

Let's hope so!

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