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In A World With A Liberal Media, Todd Akin Should Step Aside

I say that with a heavy heart, but we NEED to win the Senate, Missouri was supposed to be easy, this guy makes sure it isn't...

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The GOP House vs. The Democratic Senate By The Numbers

From RightChange

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Dear Democrats, Dr. Paul Ryan Will See You Know...

A piece I made back when his "Path to Prosperity" was starting to make headlines.

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Liberals' Attitude On Political Debates On Social Networks In A Nutshell

This is funny because it's pretty much true, not just on Facebook, but also Twitter. I've had liberals tweet to me, and before I could even respond they block me.

They're not just cowards when it comes to national security...

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This Definition Of Entitlement Reform Is Sure To Enrage Liberals...

Not defending what Todd Akin said...just making lemonade out of lemons...

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Regretting Christine O'Donnell...

A friend, Gordon Gebert, came up with an idea to make a reality show a la Big Brother, but with Tea Party and Occupy Supporters. He shared this idea with me, and others, months ago, receiving nothing but good feedback, because it's a great idea.

He worked to raise funds for it (and to prove my belief in it I pitched in a few bucks and did my best to spread the word).

Now, Christine "I'm not a witch but thanks Delaware conservatives for blowing the senate race" O'Donnell is stealing the idea...

Get the story here.

P.S. I owe Karl Rove an apology

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Biden's Cone Of Silence

From iOwnTheWorld

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When Will Whoopi Come To The Defense Of Todd Akin?

GOP candidate for senate in Missouri, Todd Akin, "misspoke" on the topic of say the least...

The man has been in politics since 1989, so it's hard to believe that he could put something that is so sensitive so indelicately.

I don't care to defend him, but I'll be happy to comment on the left's blatant hypocrisy...

Remember "rape rape"? Roman Polanski RAPES a 13 year old after drugging her and the left formed a wall of silence around him.

Three years later these same people are savaging Todd Akin, who didn't rape anyone, but is guilty of the more severe crime of being a conservative.

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Ten Haiku About Liberals

Early in TLS's history I used to write haiku (I don't profess to be an expert at it) as a sort of fun challenge on how to comment on political stuff.

I dusted off a few old ones, and came up with some new ones for this post.

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Biden Chains Rant, The Rest Of The Story...

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