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Apple Has iPhone, Now Liberals Have The O-Phone

Don't know who made this, will update with a link to them if I ever find out.

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For Obama It's Good To Be King

If what you reign over was what you were going for...

From AfterMath.

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YOLO + Obama = Disaster For America

For the uninitiated, YOLO =  You Only Live Once. It's an internet meme that probably started off with good intentions about seizing the day, but degenerated into jackassery...

Not unlike all things liberal.





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America Is A Canary And This Election Is A Coal Mine...

And I really hope Michael Ramirez is wrong with this cartoon.

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Obama's Reelection Isn't Just Bad News For America...

This joke has a few versions, here's my take...

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Proof The Economy Is Racist

Look how it treated white presidents...

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