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The Idiotic Thoughts Of A Low-Information Voter

All humor needs truth, but this is as sad as it is funny. From The Peoples Cube

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Obama Has Another Special Valentine's Day Card For America

See the first one here.

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Bill Clinton Has Some Twisted Plans For Valentines Day

From It's Big Fur Hat, via iOwnTheWorld.

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Obama Has A Very Special Valentine Card For America

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Candy Hearts Made Just For Liberal Democrats

I don't mean to brag...but I got #LiberalCandyHearts trending on Twitter for a time yesterday (my first time getting a hashtag to trend).

Most of these are my own, some were taken from my favorites that others came up with.

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How Bing Manipulated Data To Give Obama Higher Marks On His SOTU Speech Than He Deserved

Sometimes in school exams are graded on a curve so that students who should've failed don't.

Well, Bing graded Obama on a HUGE curve. Below is the partisan breakdown, but they did it on gender, and probably everything.

See the original raw data chart here, and the full infographic from Bing here.

Click the image to see a larger version.

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The Topics Obama Forgot To Mention In The State Of The Union

For me one of the most amazing moments was his "promise" to look after those who serve in dangerous posts overseas. This graphic captures perfectly why that's a bunch of BS. Especially the right column, fourth from the top...

From SarahPAC

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Marco Rubio Doesn't Have A SOTU "Drinking Problem"...

Apparently Rubio taking a sip of water is a big deal. In fact the left is trying to call it a drinking problem.

That's how you know they don't have the intellectual fortitude to respond to his response.

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Obama's State Of The Union By The Numbers

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