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Judge Serves Mayor Bloomberg A Nice Cold Cup Of "Shut The ____ Up!"

Michael Bloomberg, AKA "The Soda Jerk" got a major reality check at the 11th hour before NYC's sodageddon (my word) because a judge invalidated his precious soda ban.

Basically anyone (and everyone) with a pulse figured out that this ban would solve nothing because at a minimum it's too arbitrary and limited to be effective. So this is more scientific proof that Bloomberg crusade on fun is motivated by the fact he is dead on this inside...

Considering the constant assault on liberty these days today was a big win for the good guys.

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Guess Who Else RINO's Like McCain Would Think Are "Wacko Birds"?

Wacko birds. That's what RINO the dinosaurs of the Senate like John McCain think of "new guys" like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. All because they don't want to go along to get along. We are living in an extraordinary time in our history where our government is under assault from an ideology that wants to remake the country in it's own liberty sucking image.

These goofballs sit at the seat of power now, can you imagine where they'd be if they talked like that in a time before our leaders lost their nerve?

See more at The Morlock Revolt

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This Seems To Be The Sole Motivation For Democrats To Create And Take Away Rights

"Liberals ought to think about acquiring a new hobby... leaving people alone."

Ann Coulter

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If Anti-Drone Patriots Are "Wacko Birds" Then I'd Hate To Be What John McCain Is...

Honestly I wonder if John McCain with his "wacko birds" outburst sometimes sets out to prove the country was right to not make him a one-term president.

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Someone Found A Loophole In Mayor Bloomberg's Soda Ban


That loophole is also known as a straw...

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A Little Bit Of Democrat Toilet Humor

Found this weird photo randomly, and the captions just came out...


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Why The GOP Has Been Losing And How It Can Win Again Is A Question Even An Idiot Can Answer

If an idiot can answer it, then it says A LOT about all the RINO's out there...

From Right Wing News.

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