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For Obama Same Sex Love Comes Naturally

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Movies Fantasizing Assassination Aren't Enough, Now The Left Decapitates Bush

So, the producers of HBO's Game of Thrones needed a scene with heads on a pike. Here's one they made and used.

If you're thinking "hey, that looks like George W. Bush!" You would be right. Laughably, the producers say it's not done to make a political statement.

Rather than come up with a response, I'll let the one BigFurHat came up with do the talking.

More here, (Warning: they're very graphic, above is the most tame example, but they make a necessary point)

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The Road To Hell Is Paved With Liberalism's Intentions

I created this before the #LiberalismIn4Words Twitter hashtag game started, but I can boil this down to four words...

Good intentions crappy results

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Obama's Spotless Private Sector Record

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The Problem With Obamanomics...

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Jay Carney Hospitalized for Chronic Contortion

From iOwnTheWorld.

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NBC Has A New Community Organizing Reality Show Lined Up For Obama in 2013...


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Liberals Don't Need To Redistribute Income Only...

From LMAObama.

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Adult Supervision Is Required In DC

From Aftermath.

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The Most Crass-filled, Classless Arguments For Abortion Yet

As if merely supporting the act wasn't bad enough all by itself...

Gateway Pundit posted this terrifically classy photo of some posters hung at the recent Netroots Nation (for the uninitiated Netroots is the annual convention of liberal bloggers). Pay attention to the middle on in particular

Warning: It has very foul language, would you expect anything less from the left? (leaving space below to "opt out" of viewing)












My response...


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