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ObamaCare Doesn't Cure Anything

From OMG! For America

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Spelling Out How Liberals Are A Joke

A = Anarchy
P = Planned Parenthood
I = Pagan symobol
L = Canadian Liberal Party

F = Communist Fist (modified)
O = Obama
O = Peace
L = Loser
S = Scientology

D = Democrats
A = Atheism
Y = Communism

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What Will Literally Warm A Liberal's Heart?

From McNaughton Art

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You Don't Just Become A Democrat

You have to get initiated...

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If "Modern Family" Had A Reality Spin-Off Starring Democrat Politicians...

It's random, I know...but here's what I think one of the families would look like...

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Disliking Obama Has Nothing To Do With Racism

I know....duh! Well, liberals don't get it.

Found on Facebook...

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Celebrities Should Be Appropriately Dressed When Throwing The First Pitch In Baseball

I think this outfit works.

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Al Gore Walks Into A Bar...

Check out all of the other installments of the liberal pickup lines series here here  here and here.

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For Liberals The Real Issues Always Take A Back Seat To Identity Politics

From Maksim

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Fun With The Obama Acronym

We all know...

Here's a repost from a couple of years ago that explored other possibilities

Obama acronyms

(click to see a larger version)

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