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Liberal Logic On The Concept Of Life

From Liberal Logic 101

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A Back Handed Apology For Patriotism

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8 Venn Diagrams (accurately) describing who Obama is...

Note: Originally posted during the 2012 presidential campaign, these are still relevent today, if not more so.

A visitor recently wrote to alert me to how the Romney campaign has been employing a series of graphics like this one to show the gap between Obama's promises and results on a number of issues.

A liberal site called Upworthy, has incorrectly labeled these graphics as venn diagrams, and then proceeded to respond to them. You can see their pathetic offering here.

The visitor posted a response on his blog Slapotics to Upworthy's unworthy effort

I also came up with a few of my own...

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If Obama Loved America...

From Image Blitz

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Before The Black Community Writes Off Romney They Should Consider Something...

Liberals are trying to mock Romney for his outreach to the black community, in particular his speech before the NAACP. Before they join in the mockery there's something the black community should know...

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Why Obama Chose The Slogan "Betting On America"

From Hope n' Change

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Truth In Liberal Advertising

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