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Which President Was Is The Idiot?

Emailed to me by a friend.

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The Real Chains In This Election

If by reason of insanity none of Obama's positions on the issues, or his failed record merit being tossed out on his rear this November. Maybe voters should consider his judgement that Joe Biden is qualified to be his understudy. After three years of gaffes he nearly tops himself suggesting Mitt Romney wants to bring back slavery.

If anyone knows chains, it's Democrats...

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If Faceplants Aren't Your Thing Then Ignore MSNBC's Slogan...

Not the first to think of it, see more examples here.

Rachel Maddow exemplifies this perfectly, see the video on how she does it here.

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Comrades Of America Unite!

From Doug Ross

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Five Democrat Acrostics

I Googled this to see what was out there, and I didn't find much, so I gave it a shot...

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Obama Is About To Get His Butt Kicked

Found on Facebook, it made me laugh :-)

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Obama: The Little Man Who Wasn't There

I received this series in an email, it was created by a friend of a friend. These have lot of great things for liberals and any remaining fence sitters to ponder...

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What If CBS Had A Conservative Bias For Paul Ryan

If you didn't hear about what 60 Minutes did to edit their interview with Paul Ryan get the story here.

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The Dirtiest Four Letter Word In The Liberal Vocabulary

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Barack Bundy, Clinging Bitterly To "Glory"

After posting this image on Twitter over the weekend a liberal replied with the now trite logic that Obama has a strong "gutsy" foreign policy because he killed Osama bin Laden (he waffled before it was "gutsy," and he didn't personally execute the raid)

The argument that ensued (and ended, as they usually do, with the liberal blocking me) inspired this piece.

For the uninitiated on Married With Children get the scoop on its meaning here.

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