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Let's Get Ready To Stumble!

From iOwnTheWorld

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Obama's Day After The Debate...

Even liberals aren't denying it...

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Obama Lost The First Debate To Romney For A Very Simple Reason

It's the reason I'm willing to go out on a limb and say he'll win the next two as well. Unless Romney is being hustled (which is as unlikely a strategy as it is stupid) the Barack Obama Hopenchange unicorn is out of gas.

Conservatives always knew it, the rest of the country is just now finding out.

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The Obama Endorsement The Mainstream Media Doesn't Want You To Know About

I've done this with Ahmadinejad (and many people understandably thought it was real), Putin, and Kim Jong Un. This is the first one where the endorsement is the real deal (the quote is real, the pic is still photoshopped).

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Before The Debate Romney Doesn't Get Ready To Rumble...

It's something a little different from that...From Daletoons

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The Official Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Ok, I don't know if it's official, but it looks pretty darn good to me. From Conservative Intelligence Briefing

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Obama and Romney's Dueling Secret Videos

One was revelatory about Romney, the other confirmed he was right...(ICYMI see the Obama Race Video here)

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Obama's Other Race Speech, He Likes To Get Into Character For Black Audiences

From Kevin Jackson

If you haven't heard about or seen what this graphic is all about go to The Daily Caller right in right freakin' now and see Barack Obama show the world how racial demagoguery is really done.

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A Conservative Response To Obama's "Lady Parts" E-card

The Obama Campaign's Tumblr blog posted, and then quickly yanked this image (see the story about it at National Review)

Here's my response

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Correcting Biden's Gaffe About The Middle Class Being Buried

In case you missed the latest and greatest from God's gift to conservatives see it here.

Shout out to The People's Cube, they were the first long ago with the Barry/bury meme before this gaffe was born. See it here.

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