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Moving Forward Isn't Always A Good Thing

More fun with Obama's "forward" meme...

From Sondrakistan

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The Problem With Political Jokes

It's an old joke, and it's too good to not do something with...

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My Plagiarist Finally Posted An Image Without Removing My Logo!


By the way, I'm totally hotlinking this image Lee Vanden Dink. I'm not spending MY bandwidth on this...

The best part is the title of the post, Looking Spoon = Pure Crap...

This plagiarist stole my work for his blog because it was crap. Imagine the what beautious work Wee Wee would do if he couldn't steal other Photoshop artists stuff. (nice use of typography by the way!)

If you agree or disagree let him know it on Facebook, his Facebook Fan Page, and at the blog post linked above.


Don't bother visiting the post I linked to, he deleted it. He doesn't like sleeping in the bed he makes.

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The Law Of Common Sense That Liberals Don't Understand

Found on Facebook.

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What "Forward" With Liberalism Looks Like

This was a redo of a piece from 2010, which was made before liberals were shooting themselves in the foot with their less than smart logo choices. See the original piece from back then here

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Why America Can't Have Nice Things

Found on Facebook

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What Wasteful Liberals Hold Dear

Created for OMG! For America

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So, Is Opposing Illegal Immigration Not Racist Now?

An excellent point from Right Wing News

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Osama Bin Laden's Death One Year Later

Special repost for a special day.

Here's a special message for everyone rushing to pat Obama on the back for this momentus occasion.

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Required Reading For This Years Democratic National Convention

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