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Elizabeth Warren Provides Definitive Proof She's An Indian

It explains why they sucked at baseball for such a long time prior to's a detail of the card graphic.


Not convinced?

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Palin Can Take On More Than One Superhero Persona

After posting my take on conservative superheriones Maksim, whose awesomeness when it comes to conservative Photoshopping and art cannot be overstated, shared a couple of pieces he has done in the same vein. One is below.



Check out Maksim's other iteration of a Super-Palin here.


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He May Pander To Hispanics, But Obama Doesn't Celebrate Cinco de Mayo...

I normally take the weekends off, but I was out with my family last Saturday evening (aka Cinco de Mayo) and a good gag (I hoped) had popped in my head. Thanks to my Sketchbook app on my iPhone I was able to whip up what you see below and post it to The Looking Spoon's Facebook page.

It got a pretty good response.



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Who Said The Obamas Don't Relate To Middle America?

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The Occupy Movement's Actual War On Women

Another excellent point from Right Wing News.

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A Conservative (meaning, better) Life For Obama's Julia

The Heritage fires back at the Obama campaigns preposterous narrative of a fictional character named Julia benefiting from his cradle to grave benevolence. (see that trainwreck here, and my response to it yesterday here). Click the image to see the full size.

See the entire 13 slide story at The Heritage Foundation here.

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Team Obama Could Have Saved A Lot Of Time And Effort On The Julia Story

Big Fur Hat brilliance from iOwnTheWorld. Be sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3

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If You Think The National Debt Has Too Many Zeroes...

Repost from last year.

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Six Views On Gun Owners

From Facebook friend Bryan Prince

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Why Obama's Imaginary Daughter Was Named "Julia"

Check out the latest punchline Obama has written for himself here.

My response:

There's a lot of really great stuff about it on Twitter too at #Julia.

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