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Obama's Pathetic Woman

From Maksim:

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Just Let Liberals Have Their Free Birth Control

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Breitbart Is Here

***UPDATE (4-26-12)***

Breitbart Is Here: The Video. Watch it at here at iOwnTheWorld now!

If you are so inclined here is a little intiative you can participate in to honor Andrew and help his family. From iOwnTheWorld:



UPDATE 4: Here is the graphic that will go to the shop. I updated it with the classic Breitbart coif. The tee shirts will go live tomorrow morning. Anyone interested in a high resolution jpg., e-mail me at and I will send it to you.

Please use these files for personal use only. Do not upload them to a store for sale. Anthem is printing these in a controlled accounting environment. All profit. if any, will go to the Breitbart family.The art is mine and I do not want to see it used for personal commercial gain. Feel free to use the art and distribute it as gifts to friends and family.

See more details on this here:

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Why Rush Limbaugh Is Right To Say "SLUT"

With trillion dollar deficits from important stuff (with a welfare state like the one we have I say "important" in the loosest way possible) I can't believe we are even having a debate about publicly funded contraception. Has this country lost it's mind?

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Liberals Don't Need Oil

They need a brain...

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An Eco-Friendly Liberal Pickup Line

Liberal pickup line #1 here

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A Real Home Security System Isn't For Liberals

H/t to commenter S Hagerman for informing me where this came from. Check out Oleg Volk's work here and here

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The Tip Of The Spear, RIP Andrew Breitbart

The first time I saw Andrew Breitbart was 2004, I was in my last semester of college, and he was speaking at the California College Republican convention at UCLA. Back then he was really only known as someone who worked with Drudge. Even then we were all very impressed with him.

I had a chance to actually meet him at CPAC only a couple weeks ago...he was literally a couple of feet from me at the Marriott bar. I didn't take it because I was chatting with another blogger already, and he was being mobbed anyway, so I passed...thinking there will be other opportunities.

Let that be a lesson, when you get a chance to meet a hero, take it. He had a fearlessness of confrontation in the name of truth I wish I could have, and hope to have before I die.

My thoughts and prayers join others to be the Breitbart family.

I really wish I took the opportunity to shake his hand...


Here is a terrific piece from iMaksim

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Working Hard To Be Stupid?

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It's Time To Celebrate The America's Real Celebrities

From The People's Cube

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