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Looks Like Anthony Weiner Got Caught Thinking With His Namesake

Between the stories at Red State and Doug Ross, you can get a pretty full picture of what seems to be going on with Anthony Weiner appearing to be the latest technologiclaly inept congressman to flaunt his marital infidelity via social networking.

Check out those links or you can read the story in a nutshell, pardon the pun (you'll understand in a second), below:

  1. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account posted a link in the form of a direct message (as opposed to a general @ mention that is meant for all to see) to a 21 year old woman in Seattle. The link was image of a male figure in underwear, and bulging from the crotch area is a New York congressman's intellect.

  2. Weiner claims his Twitter AND YFrog accounts were hacked, but like every argument he makes when he debates anyone on Fox News, there is no evidence any of this is true (as explained at the Red State link). To make matters worse he has tweeted messages that seem directed to the same 21 year old woman in Seattle, who then retweeted his message.

  3. The recipient, as mentioned, is a 21 year old college student from somewhere in Seattle, who once tweeted that Weiner was her boyfriend. I would love to link to her Twitter or Facebook accounts, but both have reportedly been deleted to remove all suspicion of guilt.

I'm not one to jump to conclusions, but I also don't believe in coincidence. So the only question I have left is what was this moron thinking? Thanks to the same modern technology that busted him, I have my answer.

If the light being shed on this is real, then the DemocRats in Weiner's district better start their engines, because this seat is opening up many years sooner than they anticipated.


The 21 year old girl gives her unbelieveable (not even a little) explanation here.