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The Determining Factor In Trump Declining A Run For President

So Donald isn't running for president after all. SURPRISE SURPRISE!

A lot of people believed it would be so. The polls wouldn't have put him at/near the top of the heap otherwise.

It's obvious to me why he was going to say no all along....

    It's not the fact that this was all really about pumping up his show.

    It's not the fact that this isn't the first time he has strung the country along like this.

    It's not the fact that he can't take a joke even as he continues to expects the country to take him.

    It's not the fact that the Obama birth certificate issue, the gravy that hid the way he really tastes, was more or less over.

    It's not the fact that his wife can't be hot, first lady, and a trophy wife...that's like walking, chewing gum, and counting out her breasts. That's a lot of pressure for a Manhattan socialite.

    It's not even that he blew himself up last month in Las Vegas giving a speech that was little more than an f-bomb laced tirade confused for a tribute to Rahm Emanuel.

He had a lot of support to run, but I don't think he could get it from his loudest advocate, who is simultaneously his greatest asset and weakness.

I think Donald realized it wouldn't hold firm to the rigors of a national campaign....having to live in a campaign bus, shake hands with it's fans, kiss babies, bite it's tongue around bald people....

Truth be told, I don't think we would be able to take it either.