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The Entire Obama Presidency Has Become One Big "Sideshow"

I kind of didn't want to get into the issue because the rest of the world has been going on and on about it, but people really do care about Obama's birth certificate.

It ceased being a fringe issue because even people like Donald Trump were starting to wonder, three years later, why Obama had this keep-away-like-a-school-yard-bully attitude about it. Now everyone wants to know why it took him so long to release it.

Is that really a mystery? The man is a narcissistic a-hole who thought the birthers could be made into kooks who would only get crazier the longer he ignored them.

He finally had to blink because the honeymoon for him was over, and he finally figured it out. Even his own reflection doesn't approve of the job he's doing. Just like in any relationship, familiarity with someone brings a heightened sense of awareness of their flaws. Yet, he wants us to think that he released it because we're being distracted by "sideshows."

Sideshows? SIDESHOWS?!? This man's entire presidency has been a big circus of political freakishness, his birth certificate was just the opening act...

    The insistance to add a trillion dollar entitlement to our fiscal house of cards when people wanted a focus on the economy.

    The vacations and golfing during times of crisis.

    The constant humiliation of Israel, our ONLY real friend in the middle east.

    The hypocritical lectures on shared sacrifice while his wife vacations on our dime.

    The insistance on a civilian trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City.

    His support for a mosque called Cordoba House (until people caught on and they had to change the name to Park 51), a word symbolic of Muslim conquest, blocks away from Ground Zero.

After two years of seeing this guy be aloof to the things Americans actually care about, the royal "we" (conservatives knew all along) have started to wonder whose side this real American idiot is really on.

People see the crap he's done and the idiotic positions that he takes, and they see how nothing in the country has improved. They're not even seeing a hint that it might improve. In fact, they see tangible evidence that the age of America is over, and the doubt planted 3 years ago begins to understandibly take root.

Our narcissist-in-chief lived in a bubble of media love for so long he began to overestimate the patience the American people have for even the leaders they like.

While I sincerely hope this ends the issue for birthers it must be pointed out that it didn't have to come to this. Then again, President Obama's hubris couldn't really allow him to handle this debacle any differently.