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Obama's New Golf League!

Hmmm...what does the "C" stand for?

Unlike other golf leagues, the handicap system in the CGA is really simple:

  1. Every point under par get is given to players who go over par.

  2. If a player is still under par after all points are redistributed that player is banned from the league until they adjust their level of skill to no longer be so excessive

  3. If he so chooses, President Obama is allowed to keep his points under par

Other rules include:

    Use of the term "mulligan" is prohibited because President Obama has called dibs on it as his official 2012 campaign slogan

    The CPA is a green-friendly league that is constantly making efforts to have as minimal a carbon footprint as possible. As such, all golf carts are fueled by pedal power.

    For transportation from hole to hole the president gets to use a special golf cart popularly known as Air Force One

    Per the first lady's instructions, all grass captured from the lawnmowers is recycled so it can be served in the nation's school cafeterias

    Because "sand trap" may be offensive to middle east Muslims, they will be referred to as an "oasis of jihad"

    Membership includes an iPod filled with recordings of pep talks the President has gives to his golf clubs