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GOP Buffoons Like Chris Lee Know How the GOP Spells "Hypocrisy"

That the media harbors animus toward all things right of center is a secret that is guarded about as closely as

As a result, Republicans have to be better than good because even the most innocuous stuff gets taken out of context.

Being better than the Dems shouldn't be very difficult, because we ARE better than them. It's like I put it last fall.

The right isn't perfect, but we're better, and more adult than the immature left. We champion moral values because we think they're still important, and actually central to upholding the Judeo-Christian ethic the nation was founded on.


Hypocrisy... R-E-S-I-G-N ...hypocrisy

That depends on how the GOP chooses to spell out what that means to them.

This is one of the few exceptions where I really think Reagan's 11th commandment need not apply. Idiocy like what now former-Congressman Chris Lee pulled would slide if he was a Democrat, not only because the media would be biased in their coverage, but also because the left has no actual sense of morality. That's why the personal failings of the lemmings on their side of the cliff are hung on the refrigerator, cherished, and bragged about like the messy pre-school fingerpaintings they are.

Yeah, they look like utter crap, but there's no wrong way to do it anyway. So they're all actually masterpieces!

Yes, it was called "Chez Mantry"

Liberals, I know you think this is a bunch of partisan bluster, and I'm only saying all of this because I'm a conservative on my high horse that- HEY! Wasn't it recently re-elected Barney Frank's boyfriend who was running a gay brothel out of Barney's pantry?

Lefties could be caught cannibalizing babies, and it wouldn't even be a scandal to other liberals unless they were loaded with trans fats.

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Liberals Like To Fix What Ain't Broke...

From Right Change

h/t iOwnTheWorld

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A Conservative's Choice For Best Picture

I'm certainly not the first to come up with this angle...check out an excellent "Socialist Network" piece at The People's Cube.

Become a Facebook fan of "Can the American Dream get more fans than ObamaCare?" here.

There is also a Facebook page for "Can the ObamaCare get more fans than the American Dream?" here.

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Conservative Satire News February 9, 2011

GOP Congressman Christopher Lee resigns after shirtless pictures from Craigslist surface. The outraged congressman swears the photos had been doctored, explaining he was fairly certain he wasn't wearing pants either.

Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) announced today that he will not seek a second term and his desire to "not have a life in politics" is not code for "a rematch with George Allen makes macaca my pants."

After announcement of a merger with the Huffington Post AOL loses $315 million in stock, plunging the internet company into debt by approximately $315 million.

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Scalpels Are For Doctors, Not Trillion Dollar Deficits

House Republicans have proposed cutting or eliminating dozens of government programs as part of a plan they say will save up to $74 billion, kicking off what is sure to be a vigorous debate on Capitol Hill over what to keep and what to slash. 

The cuts are nevertheless wide-ranging. According to the proposal, Republicans want to cut the following: 

-- $169 million from nuclear energy 
-- $593 million from the Internal Revenue Service
-- $74 million from the FBI
-- $379 million from NASA 

More at Fox News

I think the $379 million cut for NASA is supposed to be the set-aside for bribing Muslims.

Also, $169 million for nuclear energy?!? That's just whats being cut...what is the number they get now? I don't want to are we spending so much on energy we don't really produce?

At the risk of compromising the depth of the cuts the GOP wants to make I'd like to suggest a modest proposal to give it to me instead to fund the federal "Let Jared Retire at 30 Act."

It's a big win win win...the government is still saving some money and nuclear energy and I get millions of dollars doing nothing for the country.

I don't plan on keeping much of my tax free (did I forget to mention that?) $169 million dollars. I'm actually going to stimulate the economy with it by bribing Democrats in Congress to just vote "present" from now on.

Of course, this will need to be worked into the budget every year. But the ROI would be too good to be true.

That's not exageration by the way. Steny Hoyer says the cuts lack substance and elaborated with:

We have to be smart about cutting government spending. Democrats want to reduce spending by cutting waste and excess like government giveaways to oil companies, but Republicans are already pushing extreme measures like privatizing or making deep cuts in Social Security

Wow, now THAT was some substance! The the endings of Disney movies are less predictable than that answer.

I don't know how to be smart about cutting trillion dollar deficits, but if these idiot Dems hand us a scalpel I'm just going to use it to lobotomize them so the GOP can go back to using a chainsaw.

Then I'll get to keep my bribe money.

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Let's Stop Giving Foreign Aid, Then The World Can Hate Us For Free

Another one knocked out of the park from YouTube user Battlefield315.

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Conservative Satire News February 8, 2011

Biden admitted to hospital for difficulty breathing after laughing too hard at Obama gaffe when talking about Egypt's "Muslim BrotherGood."

Kid disqualified from Flint, MI snowball building contest when officials discover the record breaking snowball was actually a naked Michael Moore.

Tech experts groan at merger of AOL with the Huffington Post, admitting the move completely blindsided an industry that didn't know there was still an AOL.

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"Progressivism’s" Lofty Perch of Moral Bankruptcy

George W. Bush canceled a trip to Switzerland after human rights groups pressed for the former president’s arrest on torture charges, the Guardian reports.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, an organization pressing for Bush’s arrest, says they “have no doubt he cancelled his trip to avoid our case.” Amnesty International says “an investigation would be mandatory under Switzerland’s international obligations if President Bush entered the country.” The United Israel Appeal, the group that was planning to host Bush in Geneva, says that the calls for an arrest warrant were not a factor in the former president’s decision to stay away.

More at The Daily Caller

Their big beef is, of course, waterboarding. Does waterboarding suck? Yeah, it does. Thats why I'm not going to do anything to deserve it.

Since "progressives" fancy themselves champions of education I'd be more than happy to accept their money to establish a school on how not to get waterboarded. Its easy. I just need enough money to cover the cost of hosting this blog post with the following pointers:

  1. Don't be a terrorist
  2. Don't hang out with terrorists
  3. Repeat items 1 and 2 until you come to terms with the reality that the sexual revolution has meant modern women simply don't wait until martyrdom anymore. (I tell ya''s all going to hell in a hand basket.)
Then it's performance art

In fairness to Bush, everything is torture to these wieners. They think spanking is torture unless its part of some sex theme party titled "Prelude to Abortion."

It's a mighty lofty perch the "progressives" likes to squat on. Just recently a bunch of lefties were at a rally for a group called Common Cause and were calling for torture and death to conservative Supreme Court justices over a perceived connection to the Tea Party.

This connection by the way has been addressed and debunked by the Wall Street Journal, here.

For those keeping score, the same people who don't see the moral confusion of supporting abortion on demand, AND abolition of the death bring you "justified" death threats to conservative judges incorrectly identified with the tea party, AND the arrest of American presidents who give terrorists modified swirlies until they divulge secrets to evil attacks that could kill thousands.

It's such a bummer that I can't expand my mind to see the shades of gray morally bankrupt "progressives" can. They should lobby Crayola to finally give them what they rightly deserve.

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How I Think Glenn Beck vs. Bill Kristol Over Egypt Would Go

I know and fully understand how and why Glenn Beck has his detractors even on the Republican side of the aisle. I think he brings a lot of good stuff to the table and sees the world in a way that somebody needs to see it...I many Limbaugh clones do we really need anyway?

Since the weekend the left has been "getting the popcorn" and preparing for what they expect to be a good show as their pundits are trying to stoke the flames of a Glenn Beck/Bill Kristol feud that started over this:

But hysteria is not a sign of health. When Glenn Beck rants about the caliphate taking over the Middle East from Morocco to the Philippines, and lists (invents?) the connections between caliphate-promoters and the American left, he brings to mind no one so much as Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. He’s marginalizing himself, just as his predecessors did back in the early 1960s.

Read the entire column at The Weekly Standard

Liberals always love things they think will start a civil war in the GOP as a whole. I think they'll be disappointed in this fight.

That said, just who does Bill think it is that does the marginalizing? He's comparing Beck to a man who thought President Eisenhower was a communist! That's a far FAR cry from Beck's claim radical Islam wants to establish a Caliphate, the reasons of which are too obvious to condescend you with explanation. If you need one than you've just created a tear in the space-time continuum that can only come from being able to read after being born yesterday.

Also, maybe I have a reading disorder of some kind, I couldn't find a single argument Kristol made on the merit of Beck's position. He has practically taken a line from the liberal playbook with his "hysteria" hit and run. If anything Beck has had to say on the matter could be easily refuted it would've been nice to see Kristol devote even one sentence to that.

I've wondered, in my own weird head, how an encounter between the two would go...

By the way, Bryan Preston over at Pajamas Media had a good retort to Kristol, here.

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Conservative Satire News February 7, 2011

Biden breaks with liberals to celebrate Reagan's 100th birthday "can be a learning experience for all" after finding out ninety-ten is not a number.

Obama cuts Biden's Super Bowl victory dance short, pointing out his prediction for Green Bay can't be valid when made after the game.

Obama begins to gain credibility in his insistence that he's not socialist when the First Lady reminds the public that not everyone can use tax dollars to pay for trips to Spain like she can.

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