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Why Gore Should Be Prohibited From Speaking

From the Daily "editorial" comments are in yellow...

Green-minded campaigner Al Gore has been left red-faced after being accused of leaving his car running for almost an hour while he gave a lecture on sustainable development because this environazi power-pimp has to take steps to make sure the "problem" never actually goes away.

It is alleged that Gore made the gaffe while he spoke at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden on Wednesday. Are they sure it wasn't clown school?

His mistake was compounded further by the fact that he had asked his distinguished guests to attend the event by public transport in order to minimize CO2 emissions. It would've cramped his carbon footprint

Swedish law prohibits – for environmental reasons - any car engine being left running without its driver for more than 60 seconds. 

Read the entire article at The Daily Mail

There should be no further discussion on discussing whether or not we should even discuss "global warming" until there is a law that prohibits Al Gore from speaking for more than 60 seconds for A LOT more than just environmental reasons.

If there is any doubt to liberals that Gore has..

...much credibility left, then I just don't know what to do to get them to figure out their eco-pope is a fraud.