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Obama 2012 Slogans

It is never too early to start a list like this! This was inspired by the #Obama2012Slogan hashtag on Twitter...

Hope and Change you can be leavin'

Oh GOD Not Again!

Gettin' back my Mojo with No Joe, Obama Clinton 2012

BO never smelled so good

Because there's still so much left to tax...

Obama Clinton Clinton Obama 2012

Crises you can vacation on

My next inaugural ball will be a Ground Zero Mosquerade

FINALLY ready to take responsi-BUSH!

The Economy: Wanted Dead or Alive

Because our enemies need more time

If you think I'm TONE DEAF now just wait till I'm termed out!

Obama for Czar-in-Chief

I Hope you'll Change my political diaper

FORE! More years...

Favorites from the #Obama2012Slogan hashtag

A Chicken in Every Pot and Two Mosques at Every Crater

"Now with executive experience!"

We Will Pass No Bill That We Have Read

Still looking for someone's ass to kick

Can't Somebody Else Do It?

Ahhh...Let Me Be Clear....

What, you gonna elect that Mormon guy?

Blame you can believe in!

Yes We Can! (it's just taking a little longer than we thought, that's all)

Give my white half a shot.

Because I appoint myself Executive Branch Czar!

Sucking the Air Out of Economies World Wide!

You Work, We Redistribute, Get Over It!