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When Haiku Attacks Liberals

I like doing haiku's from time to time because I love the challenge of trying to cleverly and/or humorously make a point within the very strict confines that the rules of a haiku provide. It's a really fun challenge. After all, as Shakespeare put it, "brevity is the soul of wit."

Since I've been doing the haikus I have received many written by readers who wanted to share their haiku skills with me. I often find myself humbled and realizing I'm not that great at them. Below are some of the best others have shared with me.

Dem’s lower taxes ?
Just like the plugs in Joe’s head
‘Tis an illusion.

Obama the ass,
Crapping on America,
Like we’re his toilet.

My ObamaCare
All Doctors Flee in Terror
Hope you don't get sick.

Michelle has two butts
one, directly behind her
one is president

Throwing out a pitch
gives the measure of a man
when tossed like a bitch

My name is Al Gore
Come to me for salvation
Blameless: Carbon-free.

Global warming, Not!
Climate change bovine scat, Jack!
Algore, idiot.

Alahu Akhbar!
Jihad, Jihad, and Jihad!
“...Earth has a fever.”

A gaffe a minute
Lifelong public employee
Vapid comb-over

Ancient Proverb Says
Man who puts Hairplugs on ass
Still left with an ass