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Limericks About Obama

Last week I came up with a limerick about Obama (here) and got some really good ones sent to me in response, below are some of the ones I thought were funny and/or very clever:

A Kenyan imposter that you know 
Said, "Screwing is one thing I do know, 
A woman is fine, 
And sheep are divine, 
But Larry is numero uno. 

Before he took office as president
Obama, congressional resident
was hired for voting
but spent time devoting
his efforts to mark himself present

He got elected because of his race.
To the White House, a once beautiful place.
Spreading his Obama stash around,
Driving the country into the ground.
Never letting a crisis go to waste.

Obama, a man of no worth
With his wooky of oversized girth
Rode his ghost written books
And his sound bites and hooks
To election with no proof of birth

There once was a man from Mombasa
Who lived in a very fine casa
He thought he was king
And loved the left wing
Al Qaeda, Hamas, and La Raza

This last one was a bit unorthodox...A trilogy of sorts, the last one doesn't work technically, but I really liked the effort

Obama's the fellow they picked
They chose him because he's so slick.
A fast talking schemer
the ultimate dreamer,
but BP has taught him new tricks.

While he's off putting balls on the green
with new skills even he's never seen,
BPs working swiftly
with skills new and nifty
to bring in more cash for their queen.

They pay 20 billion
to make a few trillion,
and then disappear from the scene.
Now I don't want to spoil it,
but the gulf's a huge toilet
and I wish it was all JUST a bad dream.