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My Oily Obama Rant

That a month has passed and the British Petroleum well in the Gulf hasn't been handled means one of two things, either we have a doozy of a disaster like we've never seen before, or this is the last time we get to try Biden's idea of getting off our dependence on foreign oil.

By the way, being president above my paygrade?.... NOT ANYMORE!

I don't want to make too much of an ado about the BP's efforts in the matter, as it is all frankly way above my paygrade to be pontificating on how to clean oil out of an ocean when I can barely pump my gas with getting a drop or two on my gas cap after I take the nozzle out of the tank. Clearly this is a job for science and not politicians.

I don't know what exactly the federal government has at their disposal to even assist in this kind of effort, they can't even keep party crashers out of state dinners so much less get a grip on a blown oil well.

I do know that Obama offered some sage advise to some advisers on the matter:

"Plug the damn hole," he says.

Wow! That's EXACTLY the kind of outside the box thinking we should expect from a president.

Look at that phrase, every word is short, mono syllabic and doesn't say anything or get anything done. Gosh, where have I see that before?


Good lord, is this guy going to get his head back in the game anytime soon? Did he think being president was one big socialist key party where he gets to screw a different piece of capitalism every night?

Seriously, I'll bet this guy thought the country gave him a blank check to make the private sector his Monica Lewinsky.

He STILL thinks this even as support for repealing ObamaCare is now up to 63%

He plays so much golf his nickname on the links is probably Tiger (that works more because he's screwing the American people behind his wifes back and less because he's not white).

He travels the country to go on self-glorifying pep rallies so much he's probably conditioned to want to use Air Force One to take trips to the bathroom.

Memorial Day isn't enough of a "big f#$%ing deal."

Next thing you know he'll skip the Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony so he can go vacation to Chicago. At least that's a shark no president will ever jump right?


On Friday, one month later, he's going to finally head to the gulf to do as another conservative humor writer, Doug Powers, put it "plug the damn hole" in his approval rating.