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Biden, Gaydars, and Kagan, OH MY!

Is she or isn't she? Ever since the Wall Street Journal published a photo of Supreme Court Justice in waiting Elena Kagan playing softball everyone has wanted to know which team she bats for.

High School Abuse-ical

Why is it these kinds of fights only really get picked by the left? Aren't we supposed to be adults here? Why when Democrats are in power must there always be an air of immaturity.

That said, lets raise the bar a little higher here and lament on the fact that this wouldn't be an issue if gaydars actually existed.

Hey! Obama could keep Biden busy and out of his hair by naming him his Gaydar Czar!

If at first you don't succeed...

Biden Kagan gaydar gun


Biden Kagan gaydar wii remote

try again!

Biden Kagan gaydar magic hat