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What is The Looking Spoon? - old

The short answer is it is a conservative satire and humor blog....and now for the long answer:

When you look at a spoon from the front everything is inverted, your reflection appears upside down. When you look at its backside (or from a backwards perspective), everything is right-side up.

Welcome to The Looking Spoon.

Dennis Miller put it best when he said that to the liberally-minded common sense has become utterly common...things that should be considered good and right are often derided as conservative, or traditional. Meanwhile actions and points of view that are deviant or even evil are avant garde, academic, and even a right.

The overall mission of The Looking Spoon is to not only be a portal to other quality sites that give a conservative to center-right point of view , but it also strives to provide original satire, humor, commentary, and maybe even a bit of education from a more conservative perspective in written and visual ways through blogs, art, tweets (follow me on Twitter) and other creative means yet to come.

One thing it wont be is a refuge for all things Republican, when any conservative or Republican screws up don't come here to get your talking points on how to defend their actions because you wont find them. Thats what Hannity and Limbaugh are for. The best defense is a strong offense, and the best offense for conservatives is not to rationalize everything Republicans do, its to demand they do the right thing for the people they're ostensibly serving.

So read the material, view the art, comment on what you think about it, and please share with others if you like what you see! Also, contact me if you see content that would be right at home here.