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When Looking At Liberal Vs. Conservative Anti-Rape Tips It's Weird How Conservatives Are Considered Out Of Touch

This is is a really great powerful image from Implied Inference. I actually modified it a little bit because I was uncomfortable  posting the original as is (note, I am NOT offended, just uncomfortable). You can see it here.

In case you missed it, check out my post on a similar note, Ten Democrat Tips For Avoiding Rape Without Needing A Gun.

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The Two Faces Of Obama's View On The Sequester

This is the second time in as many months he has been exposed for the duplicitous scoundrel he is. See the post I did on his two-faced take on the national debt here.

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What A Conservative's "Rape Whistle" Looks Like

In case you missed it, get more details on the story about the real war on women only liberal Democrats and their idiotic comments are waging here.

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Another Debate Ending Argument In Favor Of The Second Amendment

Last month I created a graphic, posted at The Only Quote Needed To Shut Down Liberals Who Believe The Second Amendment Is Irrelevant Today, based on a quote from second amendment author George Mason, that I believed was a debate ending statement or sorts.

By comparison I also created a graphic, posted at Ten Reasons This Argument For Gun Control Makes Liberals Look Unspeakably Ignorant, that pushed back against an idiotic example of what liberals thought was a second amendment killer.

This is another really great one that was created (apparently) by Guy Manningham.

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There's a Good Reason Religion Should Mix With Politics...

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Something Has Become An Inescapable Truth About Obama's Presidency

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What Criminal Act Is CNN Approximately 2500% Less Concerned About Than Marco Rubio's Taking A Sip Of Water?

It's actually much worse when you account for the huge disparity in time...

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How Bing Manipulated Data To Give Obama Higher Marks On His SOTU Speech Than He Deserved

Sometimes in school exams are graded on a curve so that students who should've failed don't.

Well, Bing graded Obama on a HUGE curve. Below is the partisan breakdown, but they did it on gender, and probably everything.

See the original raw data chart here, and the full infographic from Bing here.

Click the image to see a larger version.

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Obama's State Of The Union By The Numbers

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